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Welcome to the United Federation Starfleet Academy

United Federation Starfleet (UFS) is an international organization dedicated to providing the opportunity and tools to individuals worldwide share their love of Star Trek. Under the leadership of Mike Calhoun, the UFS Commander-in-Chief, we have established a system of local and virtual Ships and Stations (Ships-of-the-Line) around the world and in metaverses. With these Ships-of-the-Line, members can experience their Star Trek and SciFi fandom in any way possible, be it through role play, exchanging Star Trek information with fellow members, writing Star Trek-inspired stories, talking about SciFi- and club-related matters, or simply interacting with fellow fans.
We hope you'll find that the UFS Academy (UFSA) can support your fandom. We have an entire curriculum of classes covering a variety of subjects across the various specialty areas of Command, Operations, Engineering, Intelligence, Security, Science, Medical, and SciFi trivia.
Whether you have a love of learning or a love of teaching, UFS Academy can support your goals. UFSA is continuously adding classes and ensuring the current classes are updated.
We hope you find some things that interest you as you review our site. We're happy to help you with your questions and look forward to providing additional classes to you as they become available.
    Commodore Maddox Underwood
    UFSA Superintendent
    Ex astris, scientia...
    ...from the stars, knowledge