The United Federation Starfleet Academy, UFSA, is the primary academic facility for UF Starfleet personnel. The time spent with the Academy is seen by many to be one of the best and most fulfilling experiences UFS has to offer. Once graduated from the Academy, members are eliglble to be commissioned as officers or enlisted in UF Starfleet. 


UF Starfleet Academy also offers a wide and ever-growing curriculum of classes and fields of studies for the further education of all members. For example, by completing a certain curriculum, an officer can attain a Degree in that field of study. The Academy also has the Orders of Recognition, which are awarded based on a certain numbers of classes passed. For those officers interested in a command-level position, UFSA offers the Command School.




United Federation Starfleet is an international organization dedicated to a love of Star Trek® by participating in small and large group activities. UFS has established a system of local and virtual ships and stations around the world and in metaverses. With these Ships-of-the-Line, members can experience their Star Trek fandom in any way possible, be it through role play, exchanging Star Trek information with fellow members, writing Star Trek stories, talking about Sci Fi- and club-related matters, or simply interacting with fellow fans.