Pinastri Campus

Campus Director: Captain Data Axel


UFS Academy got it's start at the Pinastri Colony in the Second Lifegrid, and it still has the largest membership base. Many activities are held at the inworld campus, and avatars wear the uniforms provided while attending classes. 
UFSA Cadets are supported by the Academy Squadron Leaders:
  • Copernicus Squadron - Tedra de Arr (Europe) 
  • Halley Squadron - Corax Resident (Eastern United States (EST) AND Australia and Asia)
  • Hubble Squadron - Kermie Mistwallow (Central and Western United States (PST, MST and CST)
  • Galilei Squadron - Alex Kennedy (Canada and South America (PST, MST and CST)
Once graduated, Cadets then are eligible to continue their Starfleet experience as an active member of a Ship of the Line.

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