Curriculum Development

Director of Curriculum Development: Vacant

Curriculum Development Experts: MilesPrower Dagger, Damian Tremmor


The Curriculum Development office is responsible for the final review and approval of all courses available through UFS Academy, both online and virtual classes, working closely with the Superintendent, Commandant, Deans, and Class Authors.


The Curriculum Development staff ensures the quality and integrity of our classes, including research and verification of the content of the class and exam are correct with no plagiarism or copyright issues, ensuring all references are valid, reviewing for accuracy and relevancy of the materials such as grammar, spelling, and so on. Any questions or concerns with the course material are addressed with the Class Author prior to final approval. The Curriculum Development staff assists the Class Authors with making these improvements to their classes.


The Director of Curriculum Development is the managing director of this department and has the following duties:


1. Final reviewer and approver of all courses available through UFS Academy.


2. Main point of contact for all online and virtual class development and publication.


3. Responsible for hiring staff to support the Director, including Curriculum Development Experts and web support to help research and review as well as format the classes for either online publication or virtual presentation, or both.


4. Coordinate with the College Deans to ensure they are adding classes and reviewing their classes, making recommendations as appropriate. 


5. Coordinate with Academy Admins to ensure accurate tracking and distribution of classes.


6. Author classes if so inclined. 


The basic Chain of Command for this department is:


  • Superintendent
  • Commandant
  • Director of Curriculum Development
  • College Deans
  • Class Authors


The role is open to additional or revised responsibilities as we work through it and grow. The Curriculum Development staff size is dependent on need and design, but as we continue to get more classes written, more staff may be needed.


Please feel free to contact the Director of Curriculum Development if you’d like to work in this department.


If you’d like to author a class, contact the appropriate College Dean.