Staff Development

Director: Dean Taselian


The United Federation Starfleet Academy has many options available to members in and outside of the metaverses where we have campuses. 


Inside the Metaverses:

If you are interested in becoming an instructor within the metaverses (currently Second Life Grid™, 3rd Rock Grid, and UFSGrid), we have a support system to give you the training needed to be able to hold classes within the grids. There are opportunities to offer lectures, but also the unique opportunities to hold practical classes in which you would lead the students through a series of activities that will prepare them to serve on a starship or space station within the role play environment.

To become an instructor in one of the metaverses, contact Staff Development


Outside the Metaverses:

Our Main Academy Campus through the UFS Database offers over 100 classes (and growing) online only available to UFS members. Opportunities for Course Directors are available to grade and maintain the course materials. Choose one class or a dozen, whatever you like! 


If you are interested in being a part of ensuring top quality training is available to UFS members worldwide, send a message to the Academy Commandant