Orders of Recognition


UFS members have a love of learning like very few other groups enjoy. That's why we created a way of recognizing individuals for their commitment to continuing their own education of any and all things related to UFS.


UFSA awards individuals based on the number of classes in the UFSA curriculum that they pass. The list below expresses the name of the Recognition award received after the successful complete of the specified number of classes. The description is a little something to help explain the origin of the name.


Order of Chaos

10 classes

The nothingness from which all else sprang.


Order of Demeter

20 classes

The goddess of agriculture, horticulture, grain, and harvest.


Order of Athena

35 classes

The goddess of wisdom, warfare, battle strategy, heroic endeavour, handicrafts, and reason.


Order of Pontus

50 classes

The god of the sea, father of the fish and other sea creatures.


Order of Hermes

75 classes

The god of travel, messengers, trade, thievery, cunning wiles, language, writing, diplomacy, athletics, and animal husbandry.


Order of Poseidon

100 classes

The god of the sea, rivers, floods, droughts, and earthquakes, and the creator of horses; known as the "Earth Shaker".


Order of Aether

125 classes

The god of the upper air and light.


Order of Gaia

150 classes

Personification of the Earth.


Order of Chronos

175 classes

The god of time.


Order of Hera

200 classes

The queen of the gods and goddess of marriage, women, childbirth, heirs, kings and empires.


Order of Phoebe

225 classes

Titan of the "bright" intellect and prophecy, and consort of Koios.


Order of Thalassa

250 classes

Spirit of the sea and consort of Pontos.


Order of Apollo

275 classes

The god of music, healing, plague, the sun, prophecies, and poetry; associated with light, truth, and the sun.


Order of Hyperion

300 classes

Titan of light.


We hope you earn many of these certificates. And, we hope to see several earning all of them!


Good luck in your education goals!